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Meet Chris, the analytics expert who received $50,000 in consulting offers -- with only 16 email subscribers

Case study quick wins:

  • About Chris: Chris started his IWT journey in multiple 5-figure debt. Now debt-free with 4x the income, he has taken nearly every one of my courses (with huge ROI on every one).

  • How he used Zero to Launch: Chris used the Zero to Launch course to identify his marketable skills, pinpoint his customers’ burning desires, and create content that makes people beg to hire him.

  • Results: With only 16 email subscribers, he received nearly $50,000 in consulting offers and one full-time job offer.

Chris, Zero to Launch student

Chris C., Zero to Launch student

If you don’t take action, how will things change?

Meet Chris C. A few years ago, he was:

  • Severely in debt
  • Hated his job
  • Would steal food from the company cafeteria just to get by

Then, he decided instead of waiting for his life to magically get better, he was going to take control.

Listen to him describe the powerful mindset shift he made:

“Why would anyone listen to me?” By this point, Chris had a great job and was earning substantially more money on the side as a result of IWT courses. So when he heard about Zero to Launch, he wondered if it was right for him.

He wondered:

  • Why would people listen to me?
  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • How do I even get started?

One dinner changed his perspective on online business. Check it out:

“I don’t want to waste time.” With a full-time job, Chris didn’t want to spend years making mistakes. He wanted a trusted system that would show him the exact steps to create an online business so he could save years of time and frustration.

A key part of that was building something he knew people would pay for.

Watch Chris talk about how he learned to capture his prospects’ attention in less than 3 seconds:

Once he knew his customers’ burning desires, he could create messaging that used their exact language. He called the results “overwhelming.”

By understanding the sophisticated strategies covered in Zero to Launch, Chris was able to apply one Zero to Launch tactic worth $50,000:

Should you join Zero to Launch?

Here’s Chris’s candid advice about the difference between Zero to Launch and other approaches (including figuring it out on your own):


With only 16 subscribers on his email list, Chris received 3 consulting offers collectively worth $50,000 and 1 full-time job offer in an extremely niche subject.

Maria, Zero To Launch Student, has done it!

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